Flexible Working
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Working From Home Technology Solutions

The following are some of the most common ICT solutions employed to enable flexible working, which are even more effective when combined with superfast broadband.

Remote computer access: Information and employer office systems can be accessed securely over broadband via remote computer access in a number of different ways. This includes a virtual private network (VPN), remote desktop and a terminal server. With remote internet access, your staff can work as efficiently as they could in the office, from wherever they are.

Mobile working: If your workforce is mobile working, there is a wide range of tech to give access on the move, including tablets, smartphones and WiFi hotspots.

Cloud computing: The growth of cloud computing is making the latest cutting-edge software more affordable for small businesses, and this can be accessed anywhere there is a superfast broadband connection.

Video-conferencing: Innovations such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and other online video-conferencing options make it possible to have face to face meetings, regardless of location

VoIP: VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony can be used to make huge savings on the costs of telephone calls, connecting staff to the main office, colleagues and customers

Case Studies

Read fascinating stories of businesses in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly who benefit from flexible working and teleworking.

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